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Styley Wheels is about helping you do your own bicycle repair, so you can keep your bike on the road–safely, cheaply, and 4806320591.

Styley Wheels - How to fix and repair your bike. By Vernon Forbes

This site is for people who want to adjust their own bikes and/or become bicycle mechanics.

If you are not interested in developing a career as a bicycle mechanics you can go straight to the four lessons.

Having worked my way through school as a bike mechanic I developed a class in how others could do their own basic adjustments. The course was Basic Bicycle Mechanics I taught through Columbia Adult Education in 2003-04. The students would bring their bike to the class. I developed a 21 page handbook I gave to my students to follow as I went through the repairs for how to do the adjustments on each student’s individual bike. The handbook I developed is available on this website.

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